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MMS Messaging Arrives

The carrier file which enables MMS messaging on the iPhone is now live on iTunes. So a feature that should have been included from the get-go has just now gone live… more than two years later. Right. We love AT&T. Better later than never I suppose. At least it’s working.

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Google Adds SMS To Gmail Labs

An incredibly useful feature is coming to Gmail. Starting today (if all goes well), you’ll be able to send your friends and contacts text messages via the integrated Gmail chat. You’ll be able to save phone numbers to contacts and Google will give you the option of sending them a text should they go offline. It sounds very beta right ...

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Verizon Wireless Ups The Ante

Verizon is digging deep in to the pockets of its corporate users by charging an additional three cents per text message sent to its customers. This won’t affect you when you’re texting your friends, however it will affect standard-rate and premium programs of mobile terminated messages. That includes text alerts, interactive voting notifications, SMS search responses and pretty much anything ...

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Snowl: Mozilla’s Take On Messaging In Your Browser

Is there anything Mozilla doesn’t create that facilitates your web surfing experience? Firefox 3 came out back in June, yet Mozilla is still working hard to provide its users with top end interactivity for its interweb softwares. Now, Mozilla wants to take its browser to the next level with instant messaging integrated into your web browsing. It’s called Snowl, that’s ...

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AT&T To Add MMS Feature To iPhone

Someone must’ve turned on the genius machine over at AT&T. Though I’m told AT&T?s customer service representatives aren?t known for delivering on the spot information about up and coming products, word has gotten out that MMS (multimedia messaging service) support is being considered for the iPhone 3G. MMS allows transmission of text, pictures, and potentially video to other MMS-enabled phones.? ...

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