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An X-Man Converts: Jewverine

Oy gevalt! Finally a superhero which offs his enemies without bloodshed. Jewverine’s super power is kvetching. He simply wills his enemies into leaving the area out of pure exasperation. Despite popular belief, Jewverine is usually very generous with his money. But in this economy? Oy vey iz mire. Don’t even get him started. Wait for the holidays! Link

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Steampunk Menorah

I have a dream. A modest dream when compared to that of Martin Luther King Jr., but a dream nevertheless. I have a dream that one day I’ll be able to live in a home that is fully-designed in the Steampunk fashion. From floor to ceiling, this home would be decked out in Victorian/Sci-fi goodness. And don’t think I would ...

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Star Trek LED Menorah

Hey… Jew! Yeah, I’m talking to Jew. What would Jew think if I said Jew could make your very own geeky-festive Star Trek Menorah made (J)using LED lights instead of candles? Would Jew give me a big, sloppy kiss? Well, wet those lips and pucker up! All of Jew trekkies out there are sure to be ultra-excited over this thing. ...

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LED Menorah Saves You Some Wax

December is almost upon us, which means you can expect to see a whole bunch of Christmas and Hanukkah decorations like this 5.5 tall, 9 wide LED menorah. Who says you’ve got to be Jewish to enjoy the festival of lights? The LEDs are controlled via a potentiometer, so you’ll have to make sure you light the candles in the ...

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LED Menorah for Hanukkah DIYers

Hanukkah starts at sunset tonight, and many jews still use traditional menorahs lit with candles. There is no need anymore my friends! This cool DIY project shows you how to make an LED lit menorah. We understand that lighting the candles is an essential part of the process, but it’s just so 17th century. Jews living in the modern age ...

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