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It’s a Double Rainbow All the Way!

Happy Thursday! This will help you get through the rest of the week. A perfect testament to stepping back for a second and looking at Earth’s beauty. Also a testament to the benefits and disadvantages of dropping acid in the wild.

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MEME INCOMING!: An Even More Surprised Kitty

Ok, so this one doesn’t look like a little monkey, but he generally looks extremely surprised. I just want to know what they hell they are showing this poor cat. While you’d have to break the jaw of most kitty’s to achieve the same affect, I don’t recommend it. I’m sure the same effect can be done using strings and ...

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Surprised SXSW Audience: A Live Homage to Surprised Kitty

Damian Kulash from the band OK Go, no slouches at creating viral video in their own right, had some fun with the crowd during a panel on creating viral videos at SXSW in Austin, Texas. Kulash encouraged the crowd to participate in this homage to Surprised Kitty. If you don’t remember Surprised Kitty, you can see the video after the ...

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Hitler’s Response to the iPad

We tend to keep away from the overplayed, overdone memes in exchange for starting our own. That’s just how we roll. But there was no resisting Hitler’s take on Apple’s newest creation, the iPad tablet. Steve-o, I’d look out if I were you. The fuhrer has made up his mind, and you know that everything Hitler sets his mind to ...

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Dramatic Chipmunk Oil Painting Could Be the New Dogs Playing Poker

Call it what you will. A chipmunk, a prairie dog, a walrus. The point is that the damn thing is dramatic. And the drama has now been captured in a hand-painted work of fine art. The 11″ x 13″ print immortalizes the most famous rodent on the web. For around $39, you can add the Dramatic Chipmunk oil painting into ...

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