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5.5 Terapixels, Huh?: Mis-Advertising Much

BREAKING NEWS! Chinese manufacturer Penchan has figured out how to make a cute little blue camera have 5.5 Terapixel resolution which equals about 5,500,000 megapixels. That makes this little camera thousands of times more sensitive than even the most high-tech cameras. How did they manage such a breakthrough? And why are there not more people talking about it? And we ...

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Meet the 416 MP digital camera

The previously unknown to us company, BetterLight, has created a new monster in the digital photography world. A 416 MP camera. There’s no typo there. Allow us to write it out phonetically to be sure. Four-hundred and sixteen megapixels! For our needs this is about 410 megapixels too many. But for companies who create wall sized prints for ads, the ...

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Oversized Ricoh 500SE delivers GPS, so what?

This product is definately directed at a very niche market. The Ricoh 500SE camera looks a bit oversized, but there is a good reason why. It has a built in GPS chipset inside of its camera body. Also, the body is big because it has been made for rugged use. If you’ve ever dropped a camera and it went kaput, ...

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