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An ATM for Prescriptions

While I’m not sure if machines will ever be a completely trusted way of dealing out drugs to prescription holders, Sainsbury’s supermarkets in the UK are testing out an automated express prescription machine. Prescription holders can avoid the long-line of the pharmacy to quickly scan their empty medicine bottle and slip it into an envelope which is placed inside the ...

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Nano-sized Lock Box Opened with Key Made of DNA

Atomically, DNA and its components are about as tiny as we can get before we enter the realm of “I don’t know what the hell I’m looking at here.” So you can imagine how “nano” we’re talking here when we mention a nano-sized box, made of DNA, which can only be opened by a specific DNA strain. Now THAT’S security. ...

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Nokia Health Guard: Grandpa, Get Out Of The No-No Cabinet

Senile senior citizens cannot be trusted. As much as I love to laugh at the frequently falling and hip-breaking demographic, I also know a life with seniors is no picnic. As senility wins over their feeble tissue masses which used to be called active and functioning brains, they start reverting back to simple childhood curiosities. The difference is, that seniors ...

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