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Airis N004x skimps on hardware, but has replaceable battery

Who is Airis, you might ask. Take a look at this pretty sleek portable media player and you will come to the conclusion that, whether the device works or not, they know how to make well designed products. So how does it perform? With a 1 or 2GB flash drive, it seems a bit small in todays world of 8GB ...

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LG FM37 (it rhymes) brings touchscreen tech now

Look at those screens and realize that they aren’t nearly as small as your iPod Nanos. Comparatively, the new LG FM37 digital media player packs either a 1/2/4 GB flash drive and supports MP3, WMA, and OGG audio playback. On the concept of thin, this player is only 10.4mm thin (about 1cm). Those screens are touchscreens and are 2.4″ LCDs. ...

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Pyramat S2000 lets you feel that bomb blow

Have you ever felt that you wish the chair you were sitting in would rumble with the blast of the bomb you just bew up in your favorite war game? If so, your wish has come true. The Pyramat S2000 Sound Rocker uses what is called Audio Response Technology which uses the subwoofer (yes, there is a subwoofer in this ...

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