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Non-stick toilet means no clean-up for 3 months!

We have non-stick glue, non-stick pan, today we have non-stick toilets, thanks to the Japanese material scientists at Matsushita (Panasonic/National). The secret is that they’re using resin-based materials instead of the usual clay. During an interview with Mr Sakai from Matsushita, we learned that their team had spent more than a year to research on resin modification, in order to ...

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Matsushita Vacuum Cleaner MC-P7000JX eats your dust

Matsushita really pumps up the vacuum with its new P7000. With the addition of a new brush to its suction opening, instead of the typical solo brush, the P7000 offers a solution for high powered vacuum needs. Each of the two brushes move in opposite directions, picking up any fleeing dust particles that cross its path. The P7000 also packs ...

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National’s electric hair trimmer replaces barber convex-edged scissors

The good thing about using electric hair trimmers over traditional scissors would be speed, the problem is the edge is usually unnaturally smooth, giving you the Gwen Stefani mushroom-look. So most people, invariably would need a combination of both: a pair of convex-edged scissors as well as the electrical shaver. Matsushita (National branded) has ended this hassle today with their ...

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National’s new bloodpressure meter warns users of wrong usage

A lot of people have the habit of keeping their own bloodpressure measurer at home, and it is quite common that these meters are inaccurate. Since they have been out in the market for so long, and even hospitals use automatic bloodpressure meters more than mercury sphygnomanometers nowadays, it tells us that their accuracy has indeed improved throughout the years, ...

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