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Massage Pants: For When Your Penis Is Stiff

After a long day’s work (or a Hard’s Day Night), don’t you wish you could come home to a loving massage? Except when you do arrive home, all that awaits you is silence. Sure, it’s morbid, but probably close to reality. These Japanese made Massage pants offer just what you need to work out your tender genital tissue. With multiple ...

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Massaging Backpack Makes It Easier To Lug Your Shit Around

Despite the fact that there have been giant leaps in terms of ergonomics for gadgets, overuse can still cause your body to feel as if it’s falling apart. If they didn’t, there would be no market for massage items such as these. The Massaging Backpack might still cause you to ache, but at least it provides a solution for a ...

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Stop yo snoring, fo realz

Many home remedies and crappy products claim to cure the age old annoyance of snoring. Most of these products are more comparable to a drill with a low battery. The sound is still there, just dulled. The SnoreStopper claims to cure all of your snoring ills without the use of weird looking face masks or nose clips. The SnoreStopper is ...

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