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Gears of War and Zelda-themed My Litte Pony Dolls

eBay is what geeky dreams are made of. Surfing through the site, one can find a treasure trove of oddities and awesomeness. Like that one time where I found Harrison Ford’s used panties. Mmm, Han Solo juice. Surf a little further and you’ll find these gaming-inspired My Little Pony dolls, including Gears of War, Zelda and even Iron Man ponies. ...

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Hello Kitty Meets Star Wars in Sticker Form

They couldn’t come from more opposite worlds. The cutesy glit-and-glam of the ultra-girly universe of Hello Kitty and the science-fictiony universe of� Star Wars. What draws them closer together is the obsessive nature of their biggest fans. If you happen to be a fan of both Hello Kitty and Star Wars (we realize that people who enjoy both are few ...

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Geek Style: Star Wars / Terminator / Lord of the Rings Mash-Up Tee

What do these three movies have in common? They are three of the most important factors of geek culture. Now available convienantly mashed onto one clever t-shirt design. Seems like Frodo didn’t do quite a good enough job of destroying the precious. Darth, model T-9000, has managed to save the ring from the depths of Mordor. Is it possible that ...

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