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Nintendo announced Mario Kart 64 for Virtual Console

So what will Nintendo do now that the Wii has been released and the initial flow of new games has stopped? Well, besides selling more and more Wiis, they are leveraging their Virtual Console platform to launch new (old) games. Having just released Wario Ware: Smooth Moves, Mario Kart 64 is set to be available next week on VC. Why ...

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Run Athletics Nintendo shoes lock in gamer status

Everybody, it’s time to take a break from hacking your Xbox 360 to do things that make Microsoft want to cry. Take a break from adding that new HDTV tuner and gather around. Look at these shoes! Run Athletics is making an attempt at broadening its target market with these awesome Nintendo gaming shoes. These sweet kicks have a very ...

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Super Mario 1-up Mushroom Scarf

We would totally rock this scarf on the upcoming winter days, if only our relatives were hip enough to understand our inner geek as well as our outer geek. $95 seems like a lot for a scarf, but considering it’s 75″ long and is stylish as hell, we know a lot of people who would shell out the cash. If ...

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