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Arcadimac Brings The Old School Fun

Those of you with an old Bondi Blue iMac G3 lying around, take note: you can actually use it for something useful. I know, it’s shocking but you’ve got to believe me. Modder Napes went and converted his old unit into a retro arcade. It uses sweet arcade-style joysticks and the 15″ display the iMac has is perfect for a ...

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DIY: Powerbook Arcade

Who would’ve thought an old Apple Powerbook and a trip to IKEA would be all it takes to create a sweet home arcade. Frederic Sebton took apart his old Powerbook and mounted the monitor and guts inside an IKEA side table, with the screen showing up through a hole cut out of the top of the table. After mounting an ...

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DIY MAME Arcade Is A Blast From The Past

This DIY MAME cabinet is the kind of arcade system you always dreamed of having as a kid.� John Keeler has crafted this work of art and while doing so, was kind enough to throw together a HOWTO so you can build your own. Aside from some of the neat stuff thrown into this thing, such as two NES, two ...

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