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USB Magic Wand Send Messages Through The Air

Since smoke signals are somewhat obsolete in terms of technological advancement, this Lampex USB Magic Wand looks like it could do the trick for sending secret visual messages. Connect the Lampex to your PC, type in the message you want displayed, and then wave the little bugger through the air. As you swipe it through the air LEDs (or perhaps ...

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Digital Drawer encourages your kids to draw on wall

[ev type=”youtube” data=”b146_atvG4g”][/ev] Anyone with a blooming child knows that little doodles are bound to pop up on your wall at some point. Philips has developed a digital drawing gadget that not only allows children to color on walls, but encourages is it with his non-mess gizmo. The multicolor paintbrush, or “magic wand”, can be dipped into a digital paint ...

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