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Contest Reminder!

Yous guys! Surely you heard about our incredibly awesome contest where you can win one of the awesome t-shirts you see above. The Misfits and Mad Magazine? A lovely combination. Thanks to Loveislame.com for sponsoring this contest. Click here to read more about the contest, how to win, rules, etc.

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Contest Time: Shirts, Shirts, Shirts

Alright ladies and gentlemen. It’s a new week. You’re here at Gearfuse and we appreciate that. We asked Loveislame.com to hook us up with two of these “Alfred E. Misfit” shirts that combine the Misfits’ classic skull logo with the face of Mad Magazine’s Alfred E. Neuman. We previously showcased the shirt and now we’re offering you, the reader, a ...

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LEGO Mosaics Found On Etsy

I’m all about Spock. Which is the main reason why I was attracted to these LEGO mosaics. They come in many different flavors including Star Wars, Mad magazine’s Alfred E. Neuman and even Adam West as Batman. Etsy member Motion5 sells these works of art for prices ranging from $50 to $400. He also takes high resolution shots of his ...

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Follow Up: Circuit City Gets A Sense of Humor

Yesterday, we reported that Circuit City was up in arms over a Mad Magazine parody of the big box electronics retailer. Circuit City ended up asking stores to destroy copies of the humor mag and sent out a stern letter to managers. Now the company is trying to pretend it has a sense of humor and has issued what seems ...

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Circuit City Orders Copies of Mad Magazine Destroyed

Found at The Consumerist, Circuit City is apparently mocked to all hell and back in a recent issue of Mad Magazine. The shitty electronics retailer couldn’t take a joke, so it ordered it’s stores to destroy all store copies of the magazine. I find it pretty funny how Alfred E. Neuman managed to get to the execs like this. Hit ...

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