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Macworld 2007 LIVE coverage coming up – 2 days left

Macworld 2007. Finally just around the bend. The two big questions this year…will a new iPod be displayed and of course the infamous question of whether the “iPhone” will become a reality. Possible announcements include iTV, OS X Leopard, iLife iApps, a Touchscren iPod, Cinema Displays With iSight, MacBooks. Gearfuse will be live at Macworld 2007, bringing you the fastest, ...

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iPod dock in new Apple keyboard?

Everyone’s favorite Apple rumor site, ThinkSecret, is claiming that Apple is prepping a new USB keyboard with a built-in iPod dock. Of course, the sources were unable to see the keyboard, but they heard of it being spotted in the wild by customers who sent their keyboards to Apple for replacement. Though the number of keyboards is supposedly less than ...

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