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Digging a Hole: The Massive Tunnel Boring Machine Used to Create City Subways

And here I was, thinking that the city council just hired a bunch of midgets with rock hammers to dig out subway system. But nope, as it turns out the New York City Transit system uses a massive contraption called a Tunnel Boring Machine, or a TBM, which literally bores tunnel-sized holes through thesubterraneancatacombs of the city. According to NYC ...

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Michael Jackson and The Advancement of Cyborg Technology

Is the world ready for cyborgs? Apparently not, as witnessed yesterday by the “death” of pop singer Michael Jackson. I have a source that was very close to MJ and word on the street is that his death was actually a CPU failure. Apparently, the model engineer Quincy Jones implanted in the 1980s, the THRLR-116 was meant for only 10 ...

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Tiny Arcade

I knew a kid named John Kirby growing up in grade school who was both a redheaded outcast and a model train enthusiast. John was really into those fucking trains. He’d build sets, wear a conductor hat and all kinds of fucked up shit. He’s the kind of guy who’d drop $7.49 a piece on these miniature arcade machines from ...

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