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List of Problems Solved by MacGyver

Hand me a pencil, ’cause I’m about to turn it into a 1983 Cutlass Sierra, baby. At least that’s what macho-man MacGuyver would do. Thanks to the retarded world of Wikipedia, we now have a staggering list of accomplishments from everyone’s favorite TV star. I’m partially fond of this one: When near a deadly laser grid, MacGyver lights a pack ...

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DIY: Rusty nail LED night light

It’s not so much that we are scared of the dark, but that we love DIY gadgets. Yeah…that’s the reason we’re discussing this project. This cool rusty nail LED night light was made with a technical ingenuity seen only through reruns of MacGyver. We realize CAT 5 wire isn’t something most people have lying around their house, but if you ...

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