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Apple To Unveil Unibody iPod Classic?

A newly revealed patent suggests that Apple has been pondering the concept of a unibody iPod. The unibody designs which Apple have already displayed through their use in last year’s MacBooks, MacBook Pros and the MacBook Air proves that the stark design allows for thinner devices made with a stronger architecture and sturdier material. The patent reveals a unibody iPod ...

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Apple’s back, and with improved, more lovable MacBook specs

Earlier today, Apple’s online store went up and down faster than Jenna Jameson, but even in that brief down time, rumors of updated MacBooks began to pour onto the internet. And here we are, announcing new specs. Goes to show that not every rumor is wrong or fake. The standard new and improved MacBook now comes packed with Intel Core ...

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Rumor: iPhone to double as a remote for Apple TV

You might want to keep this on the down-low for now. Shhhhh! But the rumor mill is piping out some info that might make some Apple fans very happy. The multitouch iPhone might just have another feature added on that wasn’t formally announced. We heard from a bunch of gossiping old Jewish mothers that the iPhone might feature the capability ...

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WiiSaber – Mac users, the force is with you

For all of you envious of the legendary Jedi Guy videos, the Mac users among you might now be able to live out your dream. The application, WiiSaber, turns your Wiimote into a fully functional light saber, which you can swing and attack with as if you were a Jedi in training. Those of you who remember the MacSaber, which ...

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