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LumiTable Lights Up The Nightlife

Some say that I have a thing for glowing, ambient lights. Very true. Hence why I’m kind of going ga-ga over LumiGram’s LumiTable. It’s a 63″ x 13″ and costs $195 but boy will it pay off when you throw a party. It’s made of LumiGram’s proprietary fiber optic material called Luminex (boy, such originality with product names!). The LumiTable ...

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Lumigram A Glowing Example of the Fusion of Design and Technology

This piece of wearable tech combines a ladies’ minitop with very fine fiber-optic cables embedded into the fabric.   The French company who created this shirt, along with handbags and even wigs using the same technology, seems to be having trouble with their website, which is currently down.   No word on pricing, though wearing such a shirt while walking ...

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