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PS Lab Headlighting

Across the pond, PS Lab designed this light sculpture for DOS Architects. It uses recycled car headlights and regular incandescent bulbs. I bet it looks great when the sun goes down, giving the room a glow that’s reminiscent of Bioshock. Know what I mean? Regardless, it’s a nice use of old headlights. Maybe a night light made from an old ...

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Robot Controlled By Private Eyes

We’ve seen robots controlled by all kinds of applications. From your standard remote control to innovative path finding methods, robots are sharing more and more traits with their creators. Take this latest bot based upon the LEGO NXT system. Using multiple webcams, software analyzes video of your pupils staring in a specific direction and then sends the robot in the ...

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Opto-Isolator Isolates You With Stares

The Opto-Isolator asks the question: “What if art could view us?” This strange installation was on display at the Bitforms Gallery in NYC stirring all kinds of emotions as it mimicked the human eye. It’ll focus on any one person staring at it for too long. In addition, it’ll follow the person viewing it as well as blink along to ...

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Why Such A Fancy Fire Station?

The picture above is Microsoft’s new fortress of solitude for Bill Gates. Just kidding, it’s actually a fire station in Mexico City. It was designed by the companies At 103 and BGP Arquitectura. It’s not much of a looker during the day but at night, light shines through the slits in between the chrome-like plates for an impressive light show ...

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