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WTF? LOL! Get Your OMFG Here!

Are you proud of yourinternet vernacular? Whoever is responsible for this “advertisement,” you have me SMH. While it might be totally SFW, FWIW, this seems like a mighty waste of time. Take thatEnglish language! Link [via]

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People Lie When They Say They’ve LOL’d and Other Interesting Cellphone Stats

UK phone retailer Right Mobile Phone conducted an interesting survey among their customers and got some intriguing results. According to their survey: 71% say using their favorite song as their alarm clock, versus the system default or no alarm clock at all, made them feel happier that day 80% say notreceivinga reply to their text messages makes them feel negative, ...

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Joke of the Year: Microsoft Asks Apple To Be More Open

Aahahahahhsshsghadfhdhskjgaorghia9reygoihjfajowfjvazjsb aahahshdhahahdahahahahaha. Can you believe it? Microsoft, the fuckers who have made Windows forever and never make shit open-source are now calling for Apple to be more “open”. Says Steve Ballmer, douche supreme, says ‘”I agree that no single company can create all the hardware and software. Openness is central because it’s the foundation of choice.”‘ Bahahahahahahaa. Sorry, sorry. I’ll ...

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Classic IBM Packaging

Here’s a photo of a ledger from the 1984 collection from IBM. Those striking pastels and regal fonts really bring it all together. Look how proud IBM was: “For the introduction of the IBM PC, we designed the packages and software manual, creating, instead of the industry’s usual cheap plastic binders, hard-bound linen covers and slipcovers in pastel colors to ...

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Nothing makes the weekend better than a hot chocolate on a cold night. Keep it cheery with this Smilecup from Studio Psycho. Hit the jump for more smiles.

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Love played out Internet memes? Of course you do! Why not drop your hard earned cash on these LOLmagnets from ThinkGeek? At $20, you’ll only have to take 4 or 5 showers to wash off all the shame you’ll encounter from purchasing these. You’ll get a ridiculous LOLspeak manual and 384 “words” to spell out kooky catch phrases with. CAN ...

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