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Luke Budweiser and Beer2-D3

Ah, yes! Do you remember Lockwasher? He’s the ultimate DIYer, creating robots and sculptures from metal junk. I know, that was awhile ago but he’s back with some really awesome creations this time around. This one is called Beer2-D3 and you can easily make your own with a free afternoon, random parts and a case of Heineken it seems: What ...

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LockWasher Robots

If I was a hacker of any sort, I’d probably get a lot of credit for picking such a cool fucking name like LockWasher. That aside, LockWasher is a guy who makes all kinds of cool doo-dads. A jack of all trades, if you will. Found on MAKE, these robots are made from various bits of junk, electronic, scrap metal ...

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