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Donkey Kong In Brick Form

Don’t get any ideas with the words ‘brick form’ floating around, you pothead. The bricks I’m talking about are none other than LEGOs. Some guy named Fantastic Rob managed to construct this beautiful homage to the original Donkey Kong video game, complete with flames, barrels and a big ol’ ape sitting atop it all. Ten bucks says it’s easier to ...

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Green LEGOs and Ham

Look, I know the title of this post features a pun shittier than that of an Ayn Rand novel but isn’t this neat? Someone took the time to make a couple of eggs and a delicious-looking green ham from everyone’s favorite building block. Now if only they could make a full blown creation of The Lorax, one of my favorite ...

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Gordon Freeman In Lego-Life 2

Headcrabs, crowbars and G Men, oh my! This is a pretty nifty diorama made entirely out of LEGOs. It features the cast of Valve’s ultra-popular Half-Life 2. I’m really enjoying the blood on the wall and I’m really curious as to who designed that headcrab sucking on some face towards the bottom. Link

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Cakebot: Taking cake cutting to the next level

[ev type=”youtube” data=”4O4x9J4PnSI”][/ev] If we had to wait this long for our cake to be sliced and served, we’d start making cookies instead. Cool idea with the legos though. And hey. With a faster motor, who knows? We’re lazy enough to get one. If we wanted to see cake being cut this slow, we’d spend our birthdays at our grandparent’s ...

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