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Instant Noodle Perfection Timer won’t leave you with limp noodles

Do you find yourself constantly striving to get the perfect time and temperature to cook your instant noodles? I mean, sure, sometimes you forget that your noodles are done and wind up eating a cold and nasty dinner of instant noodles, and they taste like shit reheated. The Instant Noodle Perfection Timer reminds you of when your noodles are done. ...

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All your VoxTec Phraselator P2 are belong to us

Its name might make you think it’s some cheesy prop from a sci-fi movie, but the Phraselator P2 is no joke. Created by DARPA , the Phraselator can quickly translate your spoken English into any almost any language of your choosing. The P2 model showcases a wind and shock resistant case that works smooth in any climate. Its 20 hour ...

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45,000 square feet of pure LED screen

Over at the Asian Games ceremony in Boha, Quatar in late 2006, Element Labs built a humoungous, gigantic, enormous, huge, spectacular, 45,000 square foot LED screen. The things that look like ants under the screen? Yeah, those are people. In keeping with the circular structure of the stadium, the screen was designed to be curved. The entire screen is 165 ...

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Homemade Pong wristwatch

We enjoy a DIY project just as much as the next gearhead, but this caught our eye instantly. Nothing catches a geek’s eye like the classic game of Pong. Mix that with a do it yourself mod project and you’ve got yourself an all-star product. The creator managed to fit all of the essential electronics in a 10mm thick wristwatch. ...

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