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Sven Table Lamp: lights that save energy

Everything is trying to advertise on an eco-friendly campaign, so naturally many of the new products are using solar power or saving energy or not emitting horrible gases. Lucesco uses the saves energy idea to market its Sven Table Lamp even though its not all that amazing. The Lamp contains only 40 LEDs which are powered by 22 watts, which ...

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ePlate has potential to tell that person what you really think

Technology is coming into every portion of our lives, and so it (technology) thought it would be good to upgrade our license plate frames. EPlate is a license plate frame that has an LED screen on the bottom, with the ability to store 250 scrolling characters. When you push (or slam) on the brakes, the LEDs will light up and ...

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City puts LEDs in street lights

A special city in the US has replaced some of its street lights with LED lights. What city might this be you ask? Well it happens to be Ann Arbor, Michigan, home of the famous University of Michigan Wolverines. Why are they so famous? Well, they just got demolished by USC (go Trojans!) in the Rose Bowl on January 1st ...

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Smart umbrella forecasts weather

If you live somewhere outside of sunny Southern California you may have to use an umbrella a lot more then, well, never, and one of the worst problems with an umbrella is deciding whether or not there is a good enough chance of rain. If it ends up not raining, then you look stupid for carrying it around everywhere, and ...

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Make water blue: the Blue LED Faucet Light

Sick of having crystal clear water running out of your faucet like normal people, then you should upgrade to the Blue LED Faucet Light. This faucet light attaches to the end of the faucet, automatically turning on when water runs through it and turning off when the water stops flowing. The water then flows out of the faucet an eerie ...

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Lightmare Watch – easy to read (for an LED watch)

The new Lightmare watch by TheOne is actually remarkably easy to read compared to most LED watches. There are two rings of LED lights, each composed of twelve lights – the larger, inner ring tells the hour, while the smaller, outer ring tells the minutes in 5-minute increments. For more exact time-telling, there is a line of four LEDs in ...

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