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Accelerometer keeps track of burned calories

With people these days worrying about how many calories they eat and how many they burn off, many of them need a way to count burned calories. Thats where the Accelerometer comes in. this is a gadget that will track the number of calories you burn after you simply punch in some numbers, namely your weight. Its supposed to measure ...

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Leadertone’s GPS3000 looks for great success at CES

The new GPS3000 by Leadertone is set to be shown off at CES, and boy does it have some showing off to do. This GPS navigator is actually more than just a GPS; its a media powerhouse. Its capable of playing videos (WMV, ASF, and AVI), music, (WMA9, MP3, and WAV), and pictures (JPG, GIF, BMP and PNG). A very ...

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Chestnut Hill Sound George outdoes preexisting iPod docks

The new Chestnut Hill Sound George iPod dock and speakers make your current dock seem so commonplace, so normal. What makes this product so amazing is that after you dock your iPod, the front panel comes off to become a fully functional remote. So maybe your dock’s remote is cool, but does it have a jogwheel that mirrors every function ...

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