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NEC’s ShieldPRO Tablet PC: New, Tough, and Ugly

People must like dropping their laptops, because laptop manufacturers continue to churn out ruggedized laptops, such as the ShieldPRO Tablet from NEC. This is one tough tablet: it can survive 3-foot drops onto concrete, -20C to 50C (-4F to 122F) temperatures, dust, sand, even being fully submerged in water. The ShieldPRO is encased in 48mm (1.89 inch) thick magnesium alloy, ...

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12 Inch Macbook Pros on the way?

With the Macworld Expo 2007 rapidly approaching, Mac rumors are flowing through the pipeline. The word is that sources believed to be very reliable are confirming Apple’s development of a smaller and ultra thin Macbook Pro, even thinner then the current anorexic Macbook’s (17 inch pictured). Pricing is still yet to be confirmed, but the people upstairs are saying that ...

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Casio Unveils New Tiny Liquid Fuel Cell

Fuel cells seem to be the rage these days, what with LG showing off a concept laptop powered by one, and now Casio has developed this tiny wonder. Measuring just 27.2 x 46 x 2.8mm, Casio’s new fuel cell converts methanol to hydrogen gas. DigitalCameraInfo claims the device can remain ‘autonomous and continuous’, though it’s unlikely they mean that literally, ...

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New LG ‘e-Book’ Concept is Gas-Guzzler

LG has unveiled a new concept laptop they call the ‘e-Book’. No, this isn’t an eBook reader. It’s a forward-thinking laptop, sporting an OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) screen (which is much more energy-efficient than an ordinary LCD screen), a second OLED screen for the keyboard, and a fuel-cell battery. Here’s where things get confusing. Some sources report the battery uses ...

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Sony copies ‘Get a Mac ads’

After almost a year of delays on their mammoth of a game console and a recall of over a million burning laptop batteries, Sony has decided to make themselves “cool” again by cloning Apple. Apple’s now infamous “Get a Mac” ad campaign is being duped by Sony Australia’s C-Series VAIO, which claims to be a “non-PC PC.” The VAIO ad ...

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