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Phoenix Mars Lander Ends Mission

The Phoenix Mars Lander has given NASA and scientists an unimaginable amount of information. It discovered both water and snow on Mars and has helped paved the way for exploring for life in outer space. But all good things must come to an end and after a Martian dust storm, combined with the harsh winter conditions on the surface of ...

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NASA Phoenix Mars Lander Finds Water On Mars

This was huge news for both NASA and the world, until today. Yesterday, the Phoenix Mars Lander heated up a soil sample from the surface of Mars. Upon heating it, a sensor identified vapors of water, meaning there very well could be life on the Red Planet. “We have water,” said William Boynton of the University of Arizona, lead scientist ...

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Phoenix Mars Lander Finds “Friendly” Soil

Last we checked in with NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander, it had just discovered ice below the martian surface. Now, after multiple tests on the martian soil, scientists have discovered that the dirt-like substance contains alkaline. It’s been deemed friendly enough to support plant life both in “past, present and future.” So the next time you want to plant some asparagus ...

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Ice on Mars?

Scientists at NASA believe they’ve finally discovered ice on Mars. Recently, the Phoenix Mars Lander started collecting soil samples from the surface of the planet. After a few backhoe scoops, a white, glistening material was revealed. Scientists couldn’t figure out if it was ice or not but four days after it was uncovered, it vanished. The theory? It’s ice and ...

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Phoenix Down: A Phoenix Mars Lander Roundup

Heard about NASA’s latest endeavor but haven’t had a chance to check out the pictures or read about it? No worries. I’ve got ya covered. Here’s a quick roundup on various coverage of NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander: The latest high-resolution photo from Mars, direct from NASA. Follow Phoenix via the official site. The Guardian’s take on the mission. Don’t raise ...

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