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“And She’s Calling Me, On That French Fry Phone”

RECORD EXECUTIVE: Biz, we need a new hit. Any way you can integrate McDonald’s into it? We get a check every time you mention french fries. BIZ MARKIE: OK OK, I GOT IT! How about we take some fries and merge it with a phone and shit, and then next thing ya know, you got the french fry phone! REC: ...

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The FuChat Detects Anger and Responds With It

Apparently, eco-friendly WiFi routers aren’t the only thing D-Link is in to. The FuChat, as it so appropriately named, is a cordless phone capable of making internet and land-line phone calls. That’s not all, this phone also has the function to detect changes of tone in a persons voice and changes in body temperature, alerting the user of their current ...

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