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Pipe Dream: Kozo Lamps

David Benatan, a Tel Aviv-based designer, created lamps made from pipes and other similar hardware. Check out the Kozo lamp, which features washers, nuts, pipes and faucets. And yes, you turn the lamp on and off using the faucet. Pretty damn cool if you ask me. Too bad they’re not readily available at the local IKEA or I’d run and ...

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Chandelier Milk Crates Put You In The Mooood

Check it: a chandelier made up of milk crates. You thought kitchen lights made up of cereal box designs showed off how much you truly love breakfast? Think again. This milk crate chandelier is the first kind we’ve seen and it appears some effort went into making it. And no, this wasn’t some 20 minute project like a chandelier made ...

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Hand-blown Glass Lamps From Design Miami

Sometimes, it’s better to let pictures speak for themselves. These amazing hand-blown glass lamps are from various designers from the Design Miami show that just took place this week. My favorites include pieces from Delphine Rumo and Julien Renault. They may not tell time, but they’ll remain timeless. Hit the jump to see more shining goodness:

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Medusa Underwater Lamp: Trippy!

The jellyfish-like Medusa lamp is described as “a solar autonomous floating lamp for swimming pools.” If I had a pool and the product actually existed I’m sure it would look hot. Nice looking concept though. Sean Fallon Link [via]

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