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Wireframe Lambo is Slightly More Affordable Than the Real Thing

While I’ll probably never be able to afford a real Lamborghini on my meager blogger’s salary, if I save up every paycheck, and every other Lambo fanatic somehow goes completely broke over the next few decades or so, than I might be able to save up enough for Benedict Radcliffe’s $65,000 Wireframe Lambo. All I want is bragging rights. Is ...

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Lamborghini Ankonian Concept: Child of the Batmobile

Innovation meets beauty with the creation of the Lamborghini Ankonian Concept. Not your grandpapi’s Lambo, this bad boy appears to be created using reptilian metallic scales. Built like some sort of dinosaur/shielded Batmobile hybrid, the Arkonian is pretty much an orgasm in car form.

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Lamborghini Unveils Sexy Images and Details of LP 650-4 Roadster

The limited edition LP 650-4 (and really, what sort of Lambo isn’t “limited” to only the highest tax bracket anyway?) isn’t fucking around. Lamborghini released a bunch of new photos and details about the new Roadster and it’s looking pretty damn drool-worth. The LP 650-4 will feature a Grigio Telesto exterior, combining gray with bright orange for an interesting color ...

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Model Reventon Lambo Made From Nothing But Cigarette Boxes

In a project that shows an intense love for Lamborghini’s, model making, and more importantly, smoking while making Lamborghini models, a clever model maker has made a Reventon Lambo replica using empty packs of cigarettes. The eye for detail is pretty extraordinary. The color seems to indicate they either painted it, or they are die hard fans of cowboy killers. ...

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Lamborghini Coffee Machine starts your engines

The Lamborghini Coffee Machine allows you to own a household appliance which is just as exclusive as owning an actual Lambo. With only 1,000 of these bad boys produced, the Tonino Lamborghini Coffee Machine is themed to resemble the luxury car best known for its vertically opening doors and high Italian price tag. For $1750, this coffee machine definitely doesn’t ...

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