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Master Chief Unmasked: Well, Actually, I’m a Koala

To be honest with you, Gearfuse readers, I’m surprised. Hide your bamboo peripherals and vehicles! I was never aware that Koala Bears were known for their insatiable lust for blood and war. But apparently, there’s a lot about Koala’s I didn’t know. Link [via]

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Bamboo USB Keyboard and Mouse Make Perfect Gifts for Geeky Pandas

A great edible gift for a Panda, not such a great edible gift for Panda pet owners. The 106-key Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse from Brando connects to your computer via its USB port and offers support for Window 2000/XP/Vista and Linux. If you live in a heavy Panda bear population, you might want to either lock the keyboard up tight ...

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