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Construction Utensils

No illegal immigrants here, folks. Just good old, solid machinery attached to utensils. Yup. We’ve got ourselves some trucks and bulldozers with a classic yellow and black paint job. The set includes a fork lift fork, bulldozer pusher and front loader spoon. It’ll keep your kids happy and might even be fun for you. At $18, it’s priced similar to ...

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Welcome To Prime Time, Bitch

You’ll go nowhere with retro gamer belt buckles or a Darth Vader belt, but with a Freddy Krueger glove as your belt buckle, you’ll go straight to hell. Be sure to tell them that Freddy sent ya, if they couldn’t already guess it by glancing at your waist. $40 for a belt buckle might seem steep at first, but this ...

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Plastic Knife Lamp Screams Class

If you can tear yourself away from that caviar-stuffed omelette for a second, I’ll be glad to show you a beautiful lamp. A lamp so beautiful, it isn’t comprised of gold or rubies. No, this is a lamp made from 121 recycled plastic knives. Yes, like the kind you get at Sea World. Made by the BVD Collective, the knives ...

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The Ex- Knife Holder: Bah, we’ll give ya Valentine’s Day spirit!

All divrocee’s….RUN! No, but seriously this thing is frightening. ThinkGeek has this, um, interesting Knife Holder. It could be used as either a Valentine’s Day gag gift (for next year, of course) or an ultra serious gift. Expect very different reactions depending on who you give it too. The five razor sharp knives included in this set are impaling this ...

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