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Crocheted Foot Long Has The Works

Seeing this crocheted sandwich makes me hungry for a hoagie. Etsy seller Candypop Creations is crazy for crocheting and it shows with this foot long sandwich I’m just dying to sink my teeth in to. All I’d get is a mouthful of yarn, but with a vivid imagination that yarn could taste like my favorite sandwich from DiVellos Deli. What ...

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Knit Touchpad Will Render Clothing More Useful

I’ve always wanted to integrate a touch pad into my clothing and thanks to Hannah Perner-Wilson (aka Plusea), that dream could become a reality. For those not familiar with Plusea, she’s all about wearable computing. Her latest work, the Knit Touchpad, is just like the touchpads we use on our notebooks, except this one is made of fabric. It works ...

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Level 1-1 Scarf

You’ve played Super Mario Bros. more times than you can shake a stick at most likely. Now you want to show off your nostalgic pride and you need to do it appropriately. Luckily, there’s Cassie’s handmade scarf. It’s a scarf with level 1-1 from SMB. Yes. The entire level. Exactly what you were looking for, except it’s not for sale. ...

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A Heart Of Wool

Sarah Hillenberger designs parts of the body from wool. You have to see the entire set to believe it. I’m partial to the intestinal track. Link

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