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I Bet O.J. Wishes He Had This Knife

Know what sucks? Getting stung by a wasp. Know what really sucks? Someone stabbing you with the WASP Knife. Sure, getting a blade to the gut can be painful, but with the WASP, you’re also getting a crushing 800 PSI blow to your body. Whether you’re fighting dirty terrorists on dry land or stabbing sharks in the high seas, this ...

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Knife Proof T-Shirt Oddly Not Equally Nipple Proof

The Nihon Uni company, a uniform producer in Chuo Ward, Osaka, has developed a meshy t-shirt that is said to be knife-proof, and could save many from suffering being stabbed or shanked. The strength of the ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene fiber material used to create this shirt can be compared to the material used in aramid fiber body armor. It ...

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