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Kung-Fu Companion Kicks Butt And Takes Names

Desktop companions are an integral piece to everyone’s computer room feng shui. Now that doesn’t mean you need to settle for some boring chameleon that does nothing more than let his tongue loose every once and awhile. Instead, why not try the Kung-Fu Boy? He’ll kick and chop his way into your heart all while making the appropriate sound effects, ...

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Give Yourself An Ass-Whopping

A recently revealed patent shows an idea for a very, hmm, how to say this politely… a very “interesting” and “unique” device. The patent describes a product titled “User-Operated Amusement Apparatus for Kicking the User’s Buttocks.” Notice the word, “amusement”. You operate the device by pushing a row apparatus that resembles the operation of a coal mining cart, while a ...

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