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Brand Keyboard Types Your Way to Capitalism

The brands and logos of the major corporations have become just as recognizable to us as our own alphabet, thanks to modern commercial advertising. Each letter has its own major brand and corresponding logo. The Brand Keyboard by Ignacio Pilotto replaces the QWERTY keys with company logos, the company names beginning with the same letter as the intended key. Something ...

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Five Keyboards Beaten With The Ugly Stick

The crew over at InventorSpot decided to name five keyboards they thought were beat up with an ugly stick. We’re talking about keyboards you wouldn’t be caught dead with on your desk. And after checking out all five, we can see why. The Hello Kitty keyboard reminds me of AIDS mixed with a pile of bile and pink frosting. And ...

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DIY: Wallet made from computer keyboard circuit sheet

Most households have at least one or two defunct broken down keyboards laying around. How about a productive use for that junk? Check out this cool wallet made from the innards of a computer keyboard. All you have to do with find a keyboard buried with the rest of your junk and follow the easy instructions. You’ll also need a ...

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Keyboard Key Earrings guide you through skull

Recycled computer parts are always fun, especially when made into wearable do-dads like these Keyboard Key Earrings. These recycled “Home” and “End” keys, used from real recycled keys, are secured under orange glass beads attached to silver wire hoops. Sadly, the trash dump must of been low on keyboards since the earrings are already labeled as sold out on the ...

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The Keyboard is sure to start the party up

Razzle dazzle may not be a word you normally hear used to describe a computer keyboard, but Luxiium’s Luxeed sparkles like no other keyboard before it. Each key can be personalized with a choice of 512 colors with pre-made color templates preloaded. Not only colors can be changed, but rhythm. The skins can be coordinated to move to the beat ...

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