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Popcorn Apocalypse

Robert Krulwich can't believe Kevin Kelly is correct about technologies never disappearing. But even if it's true, are past results a guarantee of future progress?

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Happiness: Feature or Bug?

The bicycle rider always wants a car, Kevin Kelly reminds us in What Technology Wants. But the car won't make him happierand if what technology wants is autonomy, it may be advised against the pursuit of happiness.

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Kevin Kelly: technology wants autonomy

To Kelly, the advance guard of the technium is to be found among the quadrillions of computer chips networked into vast electronic systems. But It may be difficult to discern whether the desires driving that process belong to technology, or are our own.

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Chrome Lamborghini

Are you a big dick player? Lookin’ fly in your G5 airplane? Step up. You need this chrome Lamborghini from German tuning firm Hamann. At $630,000, it’s a bit expensive but nothing your rich uncle can’t afford. Chrome paint job, performance tuning. Yeah. This Murcielago LP640 will make you a big dick player alright. Link

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