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KAWS Stormtrooper

We haven’t seen anything from KAWS in a hot minute and we were starting to get a bit worried we’d run out of unique plastic figures to have a tea party with. I mean, can you blame us? Luckily, KAWS and Original Fake in Japan have teamed up to offer the public this KAWS Stormtrooper. Want one? Too late. People ...

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Kaws Stormtrooper Figurine

Design superstar Kaws got the inspiration for his latest creation from the iconic Star Wars Stormtrooper. This figurine combines Kaws’ signature skeleton with the classic uniform of the evil Imperial clone troops. Details about the Kaws stormtrooper are in short supply, but Hypebeast says it’s rumored to be a limited release for the OriginalFake store in Tokyo. This isn’t the ...

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KAWS x John Mayer Guitar Picks

Looks like artist KAWS is up to his dirty tricks again. And by dirty tricks, I mean creative works of art. This time around, it’s a set of uniquely designed guitar picks that were made in collaboration with guitarist John Mayer. Each pick is signed and dated by both KAWS and Mayer and won’t be available to the general public. ...

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KAWS 4-foot Companion On Sale

As of this writing, the KAWS 4-foot mascot will be available for sale online at the official store. With the iconic KAWS head and a body resembling that of Steamboat Willy/Mickey Mouse, it’s bound to sell out immediately if you don’t act quick. Can’t score one? There’s always the Bitchcruiser. Link (via)

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