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Steve Jobs Caught on Camera For First Time Since Surgery

This photo, taken with an iPhone interestingly enough, shows the first photographic proof that Steve Jobs is actually still alive and not chilling with Elvis and Tupac somewhere in the cloud. The photo shows Jobs leaving Apple’s Cupertino, California headquarters, joined by design henchman Jonathan Ive. He’s looking pretty skinny, but not much worse off than he did at the ...

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Geek Chic: iPhone Home Button Pin

The home button on the iPhone might not be the most iconic part of the device, but it seems that every element of the iPhone design was construed with the utmost thought. Senior Design Overlord over at Apple, Jonathan Ive, might not have expected that geeks and non-geeks alike would totally flip their lids about the devices minimalist design. Since ...

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Giant iPod Nano: A Birthday Gift from Jonathan Ive

If your lucky enough to pal around with people like Senior VP of Industrial Design for Apple, Jonathan Ive, than you might be fortunate enough to receive really unique gifts for your birthday. Designer friend of Ive, Paul Smith, received his gigantic iPod Nano from Ive and Ive’s Apple co-worker Jody. In reaction to the gift, Smith said “as the ...

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