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The Longest Joke in the History of the World


Have you ever heard a joke that was so long that by about a quarter of the way through you wanted to stop listening but just couldn't because you wanted to know the punchline? Well read on because we're about to re-enact said scenario.

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Condom Paperclips

Co-worker a huge dick? Get him back this holiday season at the company’s holiday party. These condoms don’t actually contain a rubber but instead have a bunch of paper clips inside. Loudly announce to your co-workers that you think your co-worker left his set of condoms on his desk, flashing the paper clip set around for all to see. He’ll ...

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Have Some Breakfast

Eggs are a great way to start your morning, just don’t sit on my couch. Though I’d like to know how they got the eggs on the side to stay in place… Link

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USB Hamster Wheel for the dieting rodent

Do you have a plump hamster? It’s time to get its fat ass out of the cage and onto the USB Hamster Wheel. The Wheel spins faster and faster depending on the speed you are typing. We don’t think it was made to be used with a real hamster, as it includes a fake stuffed rodent, but it can surely ...

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Laugh of the Day: K-Fed starting his own search engine

We wish we could say we were joking about this, but it’s indeed serious. The shaved ex-husband of the newly shaved Britney Spears has announced his intentions on adding his name into the search engine arena. Among competitors are Google, Yahoo, and the lesser known Ask J-Lo. Yes, the J-Lo thing is a joke. In addition to worst rapper of ...

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Laugh of the Day: Ring the doorbell, Asshole

OK, this image is strange and slightly on the immature side. But everyone needs to hear a good ass-related joke every once in a while. Make sure to note the whole image. Not only is that a doorbell lodged into a deer’s anus, but its a doorbell lodged into a deer’s anus for a proctologist (study of the asshole) office. ...

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