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“I’m A Mac” Macbook Decal

Me? No, no, sir, HE’S the PC. Not me. You need proof? Just look at this decal. What’s that officer? I get a free pass? Because, yeah, he totally came out of nowhere. There’s not even reflectors on his bike and he’s wearing all black sooo… Well, yeah I know his clothes LOOK red now. But us Mac fans gotta ...

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“I’m A PC” Guy Using An iPhone

Hey! It’s John Hodgman, the “I’m a PC” guy from the ever popular Apple ads. Wait, what’s this? He’s using an iPhone!? So, it turns out he’s not a PC after all. Then again, Apple does sign his checks, so seeing him with Apple products shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Now, a picture of Justin Long using a PC: ...

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