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Chimney in your room keeps your face aglow

We can never understand the obsession of humidifiers, when a lot of places need dehumidifiers otherwise the books are going to get mouldy and nasty. Isn’t dry weather great, or do you need to humidify your room in case the bushes get on fire? Perhaps the ladies can tell us more, because this is the market that this indoor water ...

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20 bucks for a Teriyaki machine at home

  Japanese company Mitsutani  is selling this Teriyaki “re-heating” machine at home for those who  are obssessed with  a minature, authentic, super-cute teriyaki experience. So you would still need to buy take-away, or you still need to make it yourself, cook it elsewhere before loading onto this cutesy. Nonetheless, online user reviews showed  the machine outperforming itself, that it was ...

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Toy DMB TV with an attitude for you to crack

You know how sometimes you need to have the gadget grow on you after the purchase before you start to get comfortable with using it? Well, Japanese toys manufacturer Takara-TOMY has brought this to a completely different level with the new kind of One-Seg DMB toy TV they showed us at Toy Forum 2007 this morning. This portable TV itself ...

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Japanese ramen timer saves tongue and mouth

How many bags or cups of Ramen noodles have you eaten in your lifetime? More than you can count? Then you are with the rest of us. You probably don’t read the instructions on the bag anymore (left them alone a long time ago), but if you were to lok at them, you would notice that there is one last ...

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