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Playstation 3 Jailbroken, Finally

After much, much, much adieu, the Playstation 3 has finally been “jailbroken,” the last major console to be cracked. Who was capable of such sheer genius hackery?� The same guy who first jailbroke the iPhone, Mr. George Hotz, better known on the web as Geohot. What’s even more impressive is that it took him merely five weeks to penetrate the ...

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iPhone 3.0 OS Jailbroken

Big surprise, right? QuickPWN, the dudes behind jailbreaks of years past, have managed to create a jailbreak app for the iPhone 3.0 OS, which hasn’t been released yet. In fact, should you have access to the 3.0 developer release, you can download QuickPWN and try it out yourself. While I get the point of jailbreaking a phone for use of ...

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How To Kill Nazis with Your Jailbroken iPhone: Wolfenstein

You must be saying to yourself, “Surely, Gearfuse, you must be mistaken! There’s no way the full and unedited game of Wolfenstein could be available on my iPhone!” Well, it is and it has been released for all jailbroken iPhones and iPod Touches. We’re talking a full port here. Not some half-assed ripoff. You’ve wondered when Nazi-killing would be possible ...

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iPhone 3G Unlocked By Dev-Team

The original gangsters of unlocking, the iPhone Dev-Team, has finally jailbroken the iPhone 3G through software. Right now, they’re packaging it up for use as a user-friendly application similar to that of Pwnage. Plus, with the recent announcement of the iPhone 3G gift card, people will be able to activate their iPhone 3Gs from home and thus, will be able ...

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