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Pokemon In Real Life

What would you do if every time you walked through your backyard there was a chance that a WILD ABRA could APPEAR? I doubt you’d proposition it like this guy. But then again… Flickr user flickering_nostalgia brings Pokemon to life with with interesting photography of Pokemon toys cleverly positioned in the rough. Snapping photos of Pokemon doing what they do ...

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Untooned: Patrick Star In Real Life

Wow, Beldar Conehead has really let himself go. In this exceedingly creepy Photoshop job by DeviantArt user Brushcommander, Patrick Star from SpongeBob Squarepants comes alive, if that’s what you call this. Reality really is scarier than fiction sometimes. Link [via]

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Real Life Untooned Popeye

How in the hell did he score a hot piece of ass like Olive Oil? Rick Baker composed this artistic rendition of what Popeye would look like IRL. *shudder* Scary. Link

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