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Apple Announces Details On The iPhone 5S!

iPhone 5S

If the iPhone 5C isn't your cup of tea then you might be more interested in the unveiling of the iPhone 5S that was also announced today. The new high-grade aluminum iPhone 5S will be available in black, silver and gold and have chamfered edges.

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Is There Already Bad Press For The iPhone 5C?

Apple Logo

Apple is no stranger to human rights and labor violation complaints and it seems like the iPhone 5C is no exception to the trend. According to recent headlines human rights groups are targeting Apple for potential labor violations in connection with the iPhone 5c.

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The iPhone 5C?

iPhone 5c

We recently posted the suspected release date for the next iPhone unveil and now one blogger has more news on the iPhone 5C. Blogger Sonny Dickson has shared images and now a video of the supposed iPhone 5C which - if this video is correct - will come in a rainbow of colors.

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Apple Patent Reveals Future iPhone Design with Wrap Around Display

This super-duper-secret patent reveals the super-duper-secret future of the iPhone (you have to be a member of the super-duper-secret club to even consider finding super-duper-secret patents like this) [P.S. This patent is completely public, don't listen to him.] (Dude, shut up conscious! There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to feel special sometimes! Right brackets?] {Right!}.

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Hand-Cranked iPhone Charging Case

Every minute of hand-cranking generates five extra minutes of charge time. On top of the ever-ending charge crank action, the case itself provides a 15%-20% boost. So theoretically, we're talking infinite iPhone.

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