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Gramophone iPhone Amplifier Case Also Functions as a Stand

Batteries are not included because they are not needed. The Bone Horn Stand is an unpowered phonograph-inspired iPhone case and stand which amplifies your device’s sound up to 12 decibels, simply by channeling the audio through the horn. The silicon-based amp slips over your iPhone like any other case, but gives it an audio boost and a dash of old-timey ...

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Mini DV Case Makes a Great DIY iPhone Stand

Here’s a cheap way to create your very own sleek iPhone stand using an old Mini DV case. Creator Elam Nikserof added a coat of satin enamel paint and cut out a notch out of the case so he could still access the iPhone’s home button. After hours of furious sanding, Nikersof was finally satisfied with the smooth finish, which ...

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Steampunk iPhone Stand

Influenced by the technology featured in the films Dune and Blade Runner, the Steampunk-inspired iPhone stand, created by Dieter Erik von Schramm, is the result of browsing through the piping section of Lowes Hardware Store. The weathered finish was completed using Valspar spray paints. This will fit excellently into my pit of doom catacomb of love.

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