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Apple Live “It’s Only Rock and Roll” Event Round-Up

Just in case you missed today’s Apple “It’s Only Rock and Roll” special event, here’s what was announced: -Steve Jobs back on the keynote scene, appears on stage -iPhone 3.1 including Genius in App Store, released today for free -Genius improvements -iTunes 9, download today -home sharing and improved syncing , share library with up to 5 home computers -manage ...

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What Features Do You Want To See in iPhone 4.0?

iPhone OS 3.0 is old news. How do we know it’s old news? One, everyone’s already talking about iPhone 3.1. Two, it has been released for more than fifteen seconds. So, with iPhone 3.0 out of the way, what are you looking forward to in the next major software upgrade? Here are some potential future applications, based on Apple patents.

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iPhone 3.1 Beta Reveals New Features

Apple is slugging along with their newest developer release of iPhone 3.1. Seems like Steve Jobs is running a much tighter ship than maestro Cook. Many of the major issues of 3.0 (which probably wouldn’t of been there in the first place if it were up to El Jobso) have been fixed. Here is a list of improvements dredged up ...

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