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Apple to Add Email-Based FaceTime Functionality For iPods and iPads

If the newest iOS beta is any sort of indication, the rumors we’ve been hearing about front-facing cameras being key features of new models of the iPod Touch and iPad could be more than just a simple whisper on the streets of Cupertino. The new beta adds a new option for connecting through FaceTime via e-mail addresses, rather than just ...

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Smartphone Infographic Face Off!: iPhone 4 vs. HTC Evo vs. Droid Incredible

With Steve Jobs’s unveiling of the iPhone 4 at yesterday’s WWDC, the modern smartphone battleground was just cranked up a notch. Apple’s newest launch into the mobile stratosphere has already spurred much speculation of which phone will ultimately win the smartphone battle. Looking at all of the stats, I don’t think there’s much competition. AT&T just needs to get their ...

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