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Interview: LEGO Artist Nathan Sawaya

LEGO master Nathan Sawaya should be no stranger to you. We’ve posted about several of his amazing projects, including his newest piece, a five-foot replica of a Blackberry Tour 9360. We were lucky enough to have the chance to delve into the brain of a true artistic genius. It’s not everyday you get to speak to a geek icon, so ...

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Interview on TrendHunter.com

A few months back I was interviewed by TrendHunter about Gearfuse, the blogging industry and the art of trends. I didn’t initially notice but the interview was posted back in mid-August! If you want to check out the interview you can take a gander here. All in all it was a ton of fun and hopefully it can provide some ...

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Art From Nikki Cook

Did you love our interview with Evan Dorkin? For a similar style in art (at least in my opinion), check out Nikki Cook’s work at her website. I hear she has a few graphic novels coming out. Might be worth investigating. Link

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Gothamist Interview With Telectroscope Creator

The crew over at Gothamist have done a fabulous interview with the creator of the Telectroscope, Paul St George. He speaks on a variety of topics ranging from how the device works to future projects. Seems the budding designer wants to dive into tunnels and unfinished inventions. A must read. Link

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Gearfuse Interviews: Evan Dorkin

Whether you’re into comics or an avid Adult Swim fan, you’re bound to run into Evan Dorkin’s work. Creator of the absurd, yet hilarious Milk and Cheese and Dork! series along with the television show Welcome to Eltingville, his artwork is both unique and twisted with humor, violence and tasteless jokes. Needless to say, we’re fans. We asked Evan to ...

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