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5 Internet Celebrities You Need to Know


If you are like most people these days then spend a little bit too much time on the internet. With that in mind, the chances are that you have also seen a number of these internet celebrities while perusing the net. Just in case you haven't though, take a look at these 5 internet celebrities you need to know.

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How Not to Respond to Public Criticism

Amys Baking Company Was Hacked

If you're a fan of Gordon Ramsey and Kitchen Nightmares then you will know that Gordon doesn't just walk out of the restaurants he tackles on the show. At least, he never had before, until he took on Amy's Baking Company.

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20 Years Ago Today, The World’s First Website Went Live; And Now It’s Back

On April 30, 1993, CERN published the world's first URL; basically a statement declaring the World Wide Web as a thing, saying said thing was to be available royalty-free. 20 years ago today, info.cern.ch went live, and changed the world, providing the world with billions and billions of porn sites so disgusting that even your living mother would spin in her non-dug grave.

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